What is Linode Managed?

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I accidentally enrolled in Linode Managed, and I don't know what it is or how to cancel.

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Linode Managed is a paid service that supports customers to minimize downtime for enrolled applications. It provides 24/7 incident response for any service or software stack that is reachable on TCP or HTTP. The Linode Support Team monitors these enrolled services for connectivity, response, and total request time. This service is ideal if you cannot spare any downtime and need quick response to an issue.

At no extra cost, Linode Managed also includes Linode Backup Service, Longview Pro, CPanel License for each Linode on your account (optional), site migrations (with a three month commitment), and discounts for any work completed by our Professional Service team.

Enrolling in Linode Managed:

  1. Login to Linode Manager and navigate to the account tab.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Upgrade to Managed" section and click `Upgrade to Managed Now!
  3. You will then be prompted with a confirmation, which includes the cost of the Linode Managed.[1]

Cancelling Linode Managed:

A support ticket will need to be opened with Linode Support Team.

When the request is received Linode will proceed with cancellation. A few need to know things are:

  1. The Linode Backup Service will be retained at cost. This ensures that you do not lose any backups if you wish to keep the service. If you wish to cancel Linode Backup Service you can follow the instructions here. The pricing for Linode Backup Service is dependent upon the size Linode that you have.

  2. Longview Pro will also remain active on the account. If you do not wish to keep Longview Pro you can downgrade to Longview Free. Navigate to your Longview page in Linode Manager. Once there, click subscription options and choose Longview Free from the list.

Linode Managed Guide

[1] Linode Managed is $100/month for each Linode on the account. It can not be enrolled for individual Linodes on an account. For the most accurate up-to-date pricing at the time of reading check our Linode Managed page.


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