Let us manage your infrastructure so you can manage your business.

Downtime is expensive and puts your company's reputation at risk. Linode Managed is an incident response service designed to help businesses cut out costly downtime. Our highly experienced Managed team is here around the clock to fix any potential problems with your cloud server.

Incident response: we've got your back.

Actively track uptime and responsiveness for every registered system and service. If a check fails, our experts will take immediate steps to get your systems back online as quickly as possible.

Dashboard metrics for your Linodes.

Simply add URLs, IP addresses, and TCP ports to the Managed Dashboard and we'll begin monitoring them through our multi-homed monitoring system.

You also get access to Longview Pro for advanced system and service analytics, free of charge.

Architecture advice when you need it.

Our team can provide advice for maximizing your system's available memory, speeding up application response times, and handling all of your website's traffic.

Data protection at no additional cost.

The Linode Backup Service is automatically enabled on all your Linodes when you enroll in Managed. Rest assured we've got your back if you need to roll back to a previous snapshot.

Meet your 24/7 incident response team.

Stop losing valuable time and money from downtime. Enroll in Linode Managed with no obligation or contract. Pricing is $100 per month per Linode on your account.

Existing customers can sign up for Linode Managed from the Account tab of the Linode Manager.