Mail server and roundcube webmail issue

Hi there! I'm trying to build my own email server for personal use so that i can make my contact form active and i can receive mail for my works from the website and i followed these guideline from linode and community:




I tested the email is going to different email servers but as spam and i'm not receiving emails from different email servers.Also my roundcube webmail's login is not working. Is these something you can help me with?

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If you're noticing the email you're sending is going to a recipients spam folder, you'll want to make sure you have a pointer record (PTR) and SPF record set up. Without these, the IP won’t be tied to your Domain so other mail servers might flag your outbound messages as spam or suspicious. Check the links below for help getting this setup.

You can also check the mail logs on the server directly for specific error messages that can point in the right direction as to why messages are being rejected.

Additionally, if you're still in the setup phase with your server, and not yet settled into a specific configuration, consider checking out our Mail-in-a-Box guide (link below). The Mail-in-a-Box software has everything needed to run a mail server packaged together. Coincidentally, I set one up this morning for a similar purpose and found the installation seamless.

One thing to note if you choose to use Mail-in-a-box. Our guide refers to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS which will work, however Mail-in-a-Box recommends using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to take advantage of the latest security features. Configure the Linode using Ubuntu 18.04 and follow our guide normally from there

You mentioned your Roundcube login is not working. Is there a specific error message you’re receiving? If so, post it in this thread and another member of the community might be able to help.

I hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.


Configuring RDNS
Set SPF Record


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