I have a free upgrade, will my disks automatically be resized?

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I see that I have a free/pending upgrade on one of my Linodes. What is this and how do I use it? Will my disks automatically be resized when I upgrade?

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I’m happy to provide a little insight about our free upgrades! Periodically, we’ll increase the resources available on our plans. For existing Linodes, customers have the opportunity to upgrade them in order to take advantage of these improved plans.

Whenever you upgrade your plan, your disks will automatically be resized. This is a feature that we added recently and offers some added convenience since you don’t have to worry about taking those steps after the upgrade is completed. Please note that if you ever decide to move to a smaller plan, you would need to resize your disk manually.

If you have an upgrade available, there should be a banner at the top of your Linode’s dashboard. This is available in both Classic and Cloud Manager and will give you more details about what changes are included in the upgrade and how to perform it.

From here, you can enter the upgrade queue and begin the process. Your Linode will experience some downtime while you’re migrated to a new host to accommodate any changes in your plan’s resources. The downtime will vary depending on the size of your disk. Your Linode will then be upgraded and rebooted (if it was running when the upgrade started).

Our guide on resizing a Linode has some helpful information as there are many similarities to the upgrade process.


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