How do I protect accidental shutdown of my linode instance.

I am new to linode UI Coming from aws background, I would like to know if there exists such thing as ENABLE SHUTODOWN/TERMINATION PROTECTION ??

I am looking equivalent to this from aws:

<img alt="Termination Protection on AWS" src="">

Any one know about this ?? I want to provision my linode instance using terraform and want to be 100% confident that I am not messing up with my other production services.

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Linode Staff

We don't have shutdown or deletion protection for your Linode other than the confirmation steps in the Linode Manager, but we do keep recently deleted disks for a little while after they're removed just in case the Linode was deleted by accident.

That being said, that's a pretty good idea. I'll get it added to our internal feature request tracker so we can look into adding something like this in the future.


Linode is getting cooler everyday. Features like these would add chill to it ;)

I appreciate that this thread is kinda old but this feature would be very helpful. Hope @mjones you're able to push the request through

+1 for termination protect feature


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