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I'm willing to resize my Linode plan from Linode 32GB to Linode 8GB (which is the one I was using last month after my CPU was overcharged) and I'm receiving the message "Linode has allocated more disk than the new service plan allows. Delete or resize disks smaller." I think that's impossible because my primary disk has aprox. 39GB. Please help me.

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The 8GB server comes with 160GB storage so that should be fine to handle your 38GB of (presumed) used space. The error you're probably getting is that one of your servers disks is sized much bigger, over 160GB… So what you'd do is shut down the server, go to the Disks section of your server, click the edit button on the disk(s), change the total size… In default configs, I would guess you have one big main disk and a smaller swap disk, so probably just need to edit that main/big disk and get it smaller than your new server can handle (example, your 32GB server has 640GB of storage space, so you might have a huge 600GB main disk? Need to edit the size of that down to like 100GB so it will fit on the new server size, the 8GB server).

It's not a difficult thing to do, I resize servers all the time, just need to make sure your disks are sized correctly so they can be plopped onto the new server size and fit within the limits and you should be all good :)

The question came up on whether or not a disk resize would cause any damage to the data that's stored on it. I wanted to add my answer here, because I'm sure that question will come up again. It was in regard to going from an 8GB to a 4GB plan, so I've used those numbers in the example below:

You can resize your disk without any damage to your data. "Allocated" means your allotted space that you have available for data, and doesn't reflect the amount of data you have on it. To check the amount of data that you have, log into your Linode and run the following from the command line:

df -h

You can resize your disk to a smaller size, as long as it has enough room to accommodate the amount of data you have on it (like was said in the above response). If it's less than 4GB, resize your disk down so that it'll fit the 4GB plan.

Our guide on resizing is here:

Resize a Disk

Once you have the disk resized to 4GB or less, you'll be able to downgrade your Linode plan to a 4GB.


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