connect with putty

I want to connect putty. but unable to connect putty

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Connecting with PuTTY requires a fair amount of configuration. We've provided instructions on how to use PuTTY in this guide: Using SSH on Windows.

You can also find instructions on setting up public key authentication with PuTTY here: Use Public Key Authentication with SSH.

If you're still running into issues after making sure PuTTY has been set up correctly, there may be an internal configuration issue that's interfering. You can always access your Linode using Lish to investigate. You'll need to use your root password for Lish access, which you can reset if you've forgotten it.

Once you've accessed your Linode, you'll want to troubleshoot for SSH issues. Luckily, we have a guide for this as well: Troubleshooting SSH.

Feel free to post any command outputs if you're still running into problems and we can help further. Check out this post for guidance on providing information that will help us help you.


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