Hi, I would like to know about Linode.

I can see that its cloud based hosting. I was given this through a agency to have my website. I try to take a backup of my website (like downloading through FTP details and download, as I checked here, it's different. Where can I get my files? Any idea!!!

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Hey there, your files should be accessible on your Linode. Generally, you should be able to connect to your Linode via SSH, however it sounds like someone else configured your Linode and handed their account to you, so accessing your Linode might require that you have the correct user/password or SSH key installed.

If you're unable to access your Linode via SSH for whatever reason, you could always access it using Lish. If necessary you can reset your root password in order to gain access with Lish.

Once you have root access, you could download a backup of your files using a tool like rsync and otherwise adjust your users and groups or make any other configuration changes you desire.

Hope this helps!


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