Does Linode Managed include system updates?

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If I sign up for Linode Managed, will Linode install system updates as part of the service?

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This is a great question! With Linode Managed, we would not log into your Linodes and update any services on your behalf. Linode Managed is a 24/7 incident response service, and it's designed to ensure that your vital services stay online at all times. Once you add a service to Linode Managed, we’ll monitor it for connectivity, response, and total request time. If you upload your server credentials and add our SSH public key, we'll be able to access your Linode and investigate any issues that come up.

With that said, we wouldn't access any of your Managed Linodes unless we were alerted to an issue. In the event of this, we'd only take actions to resolve the issue at hand. I hope this provides some clarification!

If you're interested in Linode Managed, feel free to review this guide to get started!


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