How to downgrade Linode

In the Advanced->Disk it shows these meaningless info:

Now actually my Ubuntu Linode will fit into 2GB Linode plan. Right now I'm in 8GB plan. How to downgrade the disks?

Using df command I can see only usage of some 80GB of data.

Which disk can I remove as from the picture?

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Taking a look at the screenshot that you sent our way, I see that you may have restored a backup of your Linode to your existing Linode, which caused some duplicate disks to be created there. In the future to avoid confusion, its best to Restore to a New Linode.

In order for Cloud Manager to automatically downgrade your disks to the 2GB Standard plan, if you have not done so already, you will need to back up and remove some of the duplicate disks that you restored so that you have exactly 1 disk of the ext4 file type.

Below are some helpful guides on different ways to download a Linode disk to your local computer using open source tools like Rsync:

Download a Local Copy of your Linode Backup

Backing Up Your Data

Taking a look at the screenshot, it may be best for you to investigate each of the disks that you restored carefully to ensure that you do not remove data that you might need from one of your duplicate disks there.

You mentioned that you are using the df command to investigate your disk usage, which is an excellent way to go. Please feel free to also check out the following helpful Linode Community response below on other commands you can use to investigate your disk space usage:

My Disk is Filling Up, How Can I find the Culprit?

In terms of disks that you can delete, I believe that you can remove at least one of your 1 swap disks without issue, or delete them both if you find that you will no longer need them after you resize your Linode.

We have more information available on how to best downgrade and resize your Linode in the below section of our Resize guide, below:

Resizing Your Linode

I sincerely hope that this response helps you to tidily resize your Linode. If you find that you have multiple configuration profiles on a single Linode, or otherwise need help determining which disks you should delete, feel free to open a Support ticket from inside your Linode account so we can look at your configuration and give you our best advice on this.

when i shutdown mode it's not allowing me to delete the disks.


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