Why am I still getting a bill after I've deleted my Linode?

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Why do I have this bill $5.04? I deleted the 2GB Linode from my account two weeks ago.

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This is actually a really common question. The reasons for this come down to two things. First, we bill for the previous month. This can definitely lead to some misunderstandings because a lot of services will have you pay ahead of time for the coming month. But in our case, we will only charge you for the services that were on your account for the past month. Nothing on your account for the past month? Then no bill for you.

The other side of this coin is that we bill on an hourly basis. If you go to our pricing page you can see all of the plans broken down into hourly cost. So, for you question specifically we find that the 2GB plan is invoiced at $0.015 an hour. This brings us closer to being able to answer exactly where that $5.04 has come from.

Now we can put these parts together. The 2GB Linode is on your account from the 1st of the month until the 14th, and then you delete it. In this case, you won’t see a bill until the 1st of next month. When you do, we will be able to work backwards. Each invoice lists the number of hours for a service, for a Linode that exists for 14 days it will be 336 hours. (24 * 14 = 336) You can then multiply the price per hour by the number of hours and come out with your bill. (336 * .015 = 5.04) And thus, you will receive an invoice for $5.04

A few other general notes on billing. If a Linode is powered down you will still be billed for it. There are some more details as to why here but the basic gist is as long as the Linode exists we are reserving space for it on the host, maintaining the data and using electricity to do so. Associated services are also billed on an hourly rate. If you had Backups on your Linode for two days, the hourly for those two days would also be included in your invoice.

What a nonsense I had 7 days before my billing already deleted my Linode and everything, got billed the first day of the month in the time I had the linode, fine. After that credits are still positive, still no linode after the last billing, but Linode still charges money, how ? you pay for the linode account only ?


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Hey @haydrionariandel -

As this is a public forum, I can't really get into account specifics, but I have some suggestions on what you can look for.

In order to stop the billing, you'll want to make sure all fo the services are deleted - not just Linodes. For example, if you have a Block Storage Volume or Object Storage, you'll want to make sure those services are deleted as well.

Your invoice will show you what service you're specifically being charged for, so I recommend taking a look at that as it should get you pointed in the right direction.

The thing was Object Store was still on. Even if I had deleted the object storage, it was still on. That is weird, so i got an message from Linode that you also have to cancel the object store use in settings, I did not no this. so for everyone who has the same issue, object storage delete is not enough, you have also to cancel it in the settings under account. No you will not charge anymore. Maybe in the future, be clear about deleting things before someone get charge for something that did not know

I was also billed 50$ for nothing, i hade deleted my services in time and already payed 50$ for them, and in the invoice it dont say what them are billing me for, it only says "Thank you - 50$"

Is this how you work?

@sBb88 the way our billing works is we invoice for services after they are used, not before using them. This includes invoicing for Linodes that are powered off.

As for what you were invoiced for, I just responded to your post regarding that: If you dont have any services, does it cost money to have a Account just active? | Linode Questions


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