WordPress site installed, but blog posts render 'Page not found'


Another community user helped me get my LAMP and WordPress installed successfully and the base domain renders in the browser with no problem.

However if i click on the sample blog post or add my own posts and try to click into them on the site i get a 404 error/Page not found.

Has anyone run into this before and know what i might have missed in the setup process?


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We have a couple posts here on the Community site that I believe cover the issues that you're seeing.

Wordpress Permalinks Not Working…Please Help! - This specific response to the original post outlines a number of steps taken by this person to address a similar issue related to permalinks on WordPress.

Why are all pages except my home page seeing a 404 after an all-in-one WordPress migration? - this post provide some additional steps not covered in the other post, such as ModSecurity or Sushoin settings and possible misconfiguration of the apache.conf (or on CentOS httpd.conf) file.

Between these two posts, you should be covered. If not, it might be helpful if you could share the contents of your .htaccess or apache.conf files to get additional eyes on what they look like.

Hello @watrick and thank you! The issue was resolved by changing the AllowOverride in the apache2.conf file for the /var/www directory.

Thanks again!

@lkm64 Great! I'm glad to see our Community posts continuing to help our customers.


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