How do I migrate a server to Linode?

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I have existing server from another hosting provider. I want to migrate that server to Linode without having to reinstall my entire software stack (like MySQL or Apache). Is this possible?

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Here's a few options you might want to explore:

Recommended: Install your web stack on a new Linode and copy data over to it

I know you mentioned that you didn't want to reinstall your entire software stack, but that is the recommended method. It would enable you to start fresh and not carry over any outdated software or custom utilities used by your old host. For specific guidance and instructions, take a look at our Migrate to Linode docs. Here's two article that stand out as being useful to you:

The actual data transfer could be handled by rsync, as discussed in the above articles, or simply by downloading files through scp or an sftp client like FileZilla.

Use an existing ISO file

If you're able to download your server from your old host as an ISO file, you can upload it to a new Linode. This will retain all of your data, so it might be preferable to you. You can use our guide on Copying a Disk Image over SSH to accomplish this.

If you want to avoid reinstalling your entire stack, give our One-Click Apps a try:

Deploy a LAMP Stack with One-Click Apps

Linode's Professional Services team will also be happy to help with a migration. You can request a quote from them here.

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