How do i find my FTP password?


I can't find out how to get to my FTP, I see a lot about the SSH needs to be removed so your name it "root" but where do I set up my Password?

Edit: Friend saw my post and answered privately.

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I'm glad to see that you have good friends, @ferb. For anyone who comes across this post seeking the answers you did, but are unfortunate to have the same friends, I'm going to provide some additional information.

The credentials for SFTP on your Linode will be the same user/password you use to access your Linode. This should be different than the credentials used for Linode Manager.

If you haven't set up any new users on your server, then you can use root as the user, and the password for that user. Don't remember the root user password? Then follow our guide on how to Reset the Root Password on your Linode.

I recommend reviewing our guide on Linux Users and Groups for more information about users and permissions.

And finally, you may notice that I've been referring to SFTP, and not FTP. We have a Community post that explains the difference between the two, and why you should use SFTP unless you're have a good reason not to:

How to setup Secure FTP access to your Linode


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