How do I configure an email client with Linode, cPanel, and DNSMadeEasy?

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In my current state, I do not have access to an email client without using GSuite or Outlook.

I noticed that Linode has Cpanel and an email client (Horde Webmail or RoundCube). Is it possible to configure Cpanel on Linode just for the email client and keep DNSMadeEasy?

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It's absolutely possible to configure cPanel on Linode — you follow instructions on how to do this in our guide here: Install cPanel on CentOS. (Note: you'll have to supply your own cPanel license unless you've signed up for Linode's Managed service.) You could then use cPanel to install your email client.

I've done some research and found that DNS Made Easy has a cPanel Plugin as one of their third party integrations, which you can access here:

While I haven't tried this plugin out myself, you should be able to get assistance from DNS Made Easy Support if you run into any issues.

Otherwise, you could also set up DNS Services on cPanel itself — more on that in this guide: Set Up DNS Services on cPanel

I've also found this other Community post on considerations when setting up cPanel, generally that you might find helpful: What should I consider when setting up cPanel?

Hope this helps!


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