What should I consider when setting up cPanel?

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Do I have to use CentOS? Can I put cPanel on the same Linode as my web server? What if I enroll in Managed - how does that change things? Is there anything else I should be thinking about?

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cPanel, a web-based GUI tool for managing server systems, is possibly the most well-known control panel for web servers like Linodes. However, it does have its quirks and limitations to go along with its strengths.


The most notable requirement for cPanel is that it must run on a CentOS server and will not run on a Debian or Ubuntu Linode. Additionally, you must use the upstream or distribution-supplied kernel. If you are not currently running CentOS but would like to use cPanel, you can create a new Linode and then transfer the necessary data.

If you would prefer not to use CentOS, we have a list of alternative options available in our How to Choose a Control Panel guide.

Coexisting Services

You can run cPanel on the same Linode that hosts your web server and files, as long as there are no services utilizing the same port as cPanel. cPanel and the associated WebHost Manager typically use the following, according to this post:

*2082 cPanel TCP inbound
*2083 cPanel SSL TCP inbound
*2086 WHM TCP inbound
*2087 WHM SSL TCP inbound
*2089 cPanel license TCP outbound
*2095 Webmail TCP inbound
*2096 Webmail SSL TCP inbound

You will also need to ensure that your Linode has the resources available to run its applications.

What about Managed?

If you have or enroll in Managed Service, you do get access to a cPanel license for each Linode as part of that enrollment. We can also install cPanel for you.

Please note that Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, though you can purchase one from cPanel here

Once It's Up, How Do I Use It?

We have several guides in our Documentation section of our website explaining how to use cPanel, as well as some additional posts here on Community. Our guides can be found via this link and consist of instructions for installing and utilizing cPanel and other management systems. This Community post, as well as this one, include some resources and information about domain management. This post deals with username and password questions. We also have some SSL information as it relates to cPanel in this post. The company also has their own FAQ site available here that may be helpful, and you are always welcome to spark a discussion on our Community site :)


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