Any news on managed databases?

About 7 months ago linode staff confirmed that managed databases are under consideration;

Is there any news about this?

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Hi Oscar,

Thanks for checking in on this. We released a preview of our 2020 roadmap in our blog, which includes Managed Databases for production-ready databases.

You can navigate to our blog and scroll to the very bottom of the page to subscribe to the Linode Cloud Newsletter or follow on us social media for updates on new product releases!

Super excited for these, desperately need to move from digital ocean, they have terrible reliability.
FYI for managed db's Redis and Postgres, Redis we could do without by running inside kube, but managed redis is definitely preferred.

+1 on this. We could use managed redis for nearly all our projects.

Are there any updates on managed databases being available on Linode?

@frigidcode We don't currently have any additional information. We'll make sure to update our blog when we have more news to share!

@rdaniels Hi, any updates on this? It's really becoming an issue that Linode still does not support this when for example DO have been offering this for a long time.

Seconding (thirding?) this. We've been waiting eagerly for managed databases. It's a little concerning that a 2020 roadmap item doesn't have any updates as we near the end of 2021 :(

A managed DB service is at the very top of our hosting priority list.

Any updates or hints or anything you can share would be much appreciated.

Would love to bring my stack back from AWS to Linode, but at this point managed DBs and Cache tiers (redis or memcache) are a requirement.

Please provide updates of where this is sitting on the roadmap.

Would love this, I'm not super keen on manually managing databases but desperately want something in the same datacenter as our apps. Would probably pay out the nose for a managed redis or mongo.

I just wanted to update this Question to let everyone know that our Managed Database product is now generally available! You can find out more about the available engines for deployment and other features of this offering at the below link.

Linode Managed Databases


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