Managed databases?

Hi Linode

Just wondering if you have managed databases in the pipeline or if it's something you're considering? Bit reluctant to use a competitor because I would prefer to use Linode for this, but I am not a db admin, nor do I want to be.

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Hey there, we're considering introducing a managed database service, and we've added this request to our internal tracker towards that end. Let us know if you have any specific requests for this sort of product or if you have any other comments.

Yes—we anticipate releasing a managed databased service in 2020. No specific details to share at the moment, but keep an eye on our blog for developments!

This is top priority for me too. Hope that Redis and MySQL 8 will be supported.

Thanks for the interest in managed databases. I'd love to see Postgres, since (in my experience) it's the most widely deployed free database. Cheers

I would love to see managed databases in Linode! We are planning to migrate some of our apps. Linode is a good choice, and it would be immensely better if we had the choice of using managed Postgres!

Hi, any news? I know it’s still 2020, but having an update would be nice.

@thedotedge We're excited for this too! We're working to get this offering out to you all, and we'll definitely provide updates on our blog, when we have them.

Just want to throw my hat into this ring - having managed postgres/redis options comparable to Digital Ocean will really help me keep projects on Linode, where I'd much rather be.

If there's any way to get in on a beta or anything like that, I'd be interested!

Hi, Do we have any approximate launch date Q2, Q3, Q4 of 2020 ?

It would interesting if you could take it one step further than Digitalocean, like having a ProxySQL type layer in between, through which we can manage sending 'write' queries to Primary server and 'read' queries to Read-only servers.

Kind regards

Hello, I am founder of ScaleChamp - provider of multi-cloud managed databases.
We support Linode servers
Check out

Just adding my +1 for managed postgres :)

Been following this thread for a while and throwing in my nudge too. Would be nice to not have my database on other platforms.

Ditto! Asking for an update on Managed cloud database service.

Hi everyone —

We’re still actively working on a managed database service and we're excited to provide updates as they come. Stay tuned to our blog and twitter for announcements. If you enjoy early access to new products in Beta, be sure to sign up for Linode Green Light!

I just wanted to add my +1 for getting managed databases

+1 also, currently using Mongo managed, but would love to get everything under 1 roof here at Linode! Even if we need to adapt to a different database Postgres or..

😂 this feature service since 2 year till 2022 still not yet release.

But okay I am using DigitalOcean managed database and waiting your release in Singapore region.

I love Linode speed and security but really slow on poplar product development for user who non expert, such as managed database service or VPC is much wanted for website dev.

I just wanted to update this Question to let everyone know that our Managed Database product is now generally available! You can find out more about the available engines for deployment and other features of this offering at the below link.

Linode Managed Databases


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