Deploy multiple One-clicks to a single node ?

New to Linode so just experimenting….rather than spin up many nanonode's to test different features of one-click deployments, does anyone know if it's possible to deploy multiple one-click installs to a single node ?

The use case here is to kick the tyres on a few of the services like LAMP, Wordpress, GitLab, etc on one server so road-testing doesn't run up heavy costs for feature testing before deciding what to provision going forward ?


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Welcome! If you don't mind sharing, we could use some more details on the road-testing you're contemplating to help us understand the benefits that deployments to existing Linodes would bring over spinning up and deleting Nanodes for testing purposes. I ask because the feature you're describing would require adding several options to the current actions available to customers involving Linode creation (you can see the current options in our API documentation) and I want to make sure I capture everything you're looking for. Also just want to say that suggestions for improvements and features are always welcome at

Otherwise, you could get multiple One-Click App deployments on a single Linode by cloning their configuration profiles and disks to a blank "Master" Linode (you can do this by clicking on the "X" in the Image selection field when deploying). You'd need to resize the disks on your One-Click App Linodes before cloning to get any cost benefit, and you'd also have to make certain configuration changes (such as updating the /etc/hosts file with the Master Linode's IP address) to have them function. You'd also probably want to rename your configuration profiles and disks prior to cloning to avoid confusion. From there, you could boot up your Master Linode under the configuration profile for any of the One-Click App deployments you've cloned for testing.


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