How do I make my Linode setup scalable?

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I'm hosting services on Linode and would like to make sure that I'm able to scale easily when needed. What are my options?

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The ability to easily scale resources is undoubtedly one the biggest advantages to using a cloud provider such as Linode. The benefits include cost efficiency by using just what you need, better performance from eliminating waste in one's architecture, optimizing storage capacity, and of course scalability is relatively quick and easy to achieve in the cloud environment.

A solution Linode provides for vertical scaling includes the ability to increase/decrease the size of CPU, Memory, and GPU plans on the fly. In just a few clicks you can scale up your instance plan up to accommodate an increase in traffic or needed resources. When you no longer need the resources simply scale your plan back down. The best part is you only pay for what you use. It should be noted that scaling in this fashion does require some down time to migrate the instance to a new host.

Horizontal scaling is another way that cloud computing really excels over an on-prem model, mainly because of how easy it is to provision additional resources to an existing architecture with little to no downtime. Using Linode gives you the ability to quickly spin up new instances and other services to help achieve high availability by adding redundancy. One can oftentimes automate this type of scalability through an API & load balancer, or even through Linode's Kubernetes Engine (LKE).

Some specific examples of how customers have successfully scaled using the Linode platform can be found here. For more information on this topic, the Linode Community is always here to discuss and answer questions in more detail.


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