I deploy a shadowsocks server but cannot use apps

I deployed a one-click shadowsocks server with the tutorial by Linode. It did work for me when I visited web pages. But, I could not use apps with it. For example, I cannot connect to App Store or other apps in my iPad. I am sure the local device is Okay and suspect it is a server DNS issue.


Debian 4.9.210-1

Shadowsocks Configuration


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Linode Staff

Since you're able to visit other websites via your Shadowsocks installation, it's not likely that there is a configuration issue with your Linode. If you're connecting to Apple's applications (such as the App Store), you may be running into a block that Apple has in place that prevent some Linode IPs from accessing their services. We've found that some of our IP ranges are blocked by Apple, and this is true when using a Linode as a VPN as well. Our Trust and Safety team has been working to resolve this issue, but we don't yet have a timeline as to when this will be fixed. If you're having difficulty accessing other services via your Shadowsocks installation as well, let us know what those are so we can take a look.


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