Reverse DNS Not Update In Server

i change correctly Reverse DNS from networking settings but Reverse DNS not update in my server please fix this issue i face this issue in every server please help me for this

[root@koi ~]# hostname -f

[root@koi ~]# host has address mail is handled by 0

[root@koi ~]# host domain name pointer

[root@koi ~]# dig +short ptr want here {})

this show default reverse dns not show here updated reverse dns

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Linode Staff

I was able to verify your rDNS via dig:

dig -x +short

The command syntax that you used is now also resolving with your domain:

dig +short ptr

It can take some time for DNS changes to propagate, which is likely why you weren't seeing the expected response when you initially ran the commands. There's some more information available in this Community Questions post that explains how long DNS changes can take to propagate. You'll typically see your changes go into effect within an hour, but full propagation can take between 24 and 48 hours.


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