How do I know if my DNS changes are propagating?

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I just updated my DNS records for my site, but I'm not seeing any changes yet. I know my DNS changes have to propagate, but I'm not quite sure what this means, or how to know if it is working properly.

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DNS Propagation is the period of time that it takes nodes across the world to update their DNS information for your site. Check out Youtube- What is DNS Propagation for more.

If you just updated your DNS records, it can take up to one hour for these changes to start this propagation process, and a full 24-72 hours to complete. One simple way to track these changes for your site is a propagation checker website such as or, as these sites query servers all over the world.

For example, if I just updated my TXT record for, I'd wait 30 minutes, and then go to to see how the DNS propagation is progressing across the world.


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