LEMP Stack.... use the guides, use a StackScript, use another Bash script, or use Chef ?

I asked this question eight (yes, eight) years ago…. and wondering how far the state-of-the-art has moved.


Used to do everything by hand, following the guides, etc. Obviously doable, but it does seem like the world has moved on to "infrastructure is code".

Given all that….. what do people do now?

  1. by hand (ugh)
  2. use someone else's bash script
  3. use a Linode Stackscript (are these even popular any more)
  4. use Chef ? (sub question… LEMP recipe?)

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My personal preference is to do it all myself. I like to be in control of my configuration as much as possible. Automatic setups can be difficult to work with, especially if I want to manually do something else in the future.

If I was ever setting up a number of Linode's, I'd simply create an image and deploy multiple Linode's from that image, so I know what was in it and how it was set up.

Also, Linode has their new One-Click Apps that can be used. LAMP and LEMP stacks are both in the list of apps.



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