Quickest way to get a LEMP stack running....

Is there a decent/current LEMP StackScript that I could use that would install ngnix/php/apc under Ubuntu, including things like the "uploaded image/php security fix"?

Or am I better off just using the LEMP Guide from the Library, which I've done before? That isn't quite as easy as "pointy-clicky-done".

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have you tried searching the stackscripts…

http://www.linode.com/stackscripts/brow … yword=lemp">http://www.linode.com/stackscripts/browse/?ss_keyword=lemp

I found that the linode guide is out of date, nginx has changed a bit since then and ubuntu's repos are WAY out of date for nginx.

The only ubuntu stack script listed that comes up for LEMP is mine.

It has the option of installing the latest stable version of nginx, however it doesn't automatically configure nginx to talk to php since everyones configuration will be different you're expected to do that bit yourself.

Have a browse of http://wiki.nginx.org/ for tips on configuring it and if you do use the nginx from the ppa then /etc/nginx/nginx.conf does contain a commented out section for talking to php.

8 years old but this question is still top of "LEMP" search results…

These days APC is dead, even Memcached is much less popular because now Redis is mainstream (and/or Nginx FastCGI Cache for page caching). If you are using a PHP-based CMS like Wordpress, the Redis can be used for object caching only, and FastCGI cache for page cache.

Also PHP 7+ has OPcache enabled by default.

Best LEMP stack these days is:

Ubuntu LTS + Nginx + MySQL (or MariaDB) + PHP-FPM + Redis (+ Memcached optional)

SlickStack (Bash) or EasyEngine (Docker) does this for WordPress:


Or manual steps:


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