How to change public IP's information (register it on my name)?

On dedicated or shared plans, how to change the public IP's information as can be read by WHOIS services? Especially I want to hide any reference to "Linode" since I am planning to resell the hosting plans and I prefer that my company's name appear instead.

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There's no way to change the WHOIS info, as regulations require that info reflect who the IP address is registered to. That being said, you could set up Cloudflare as a reverse proxy to provide obfuscation for your Linode's IP addresses for any websites or DNS:


But pinging would still lead to Linode's IP address ?

If you set up Cloudflare, then pinging a website would only lead to Cloudflare's IP address, rather than your Linode's. Cloudflare is commonly used by many companies for reverse proxy, DNS, and DoS protection, so it's common to see it come up when looking into a website's IP address.

Yes, that's correct. I simply forgot that CF does exactly that :-) Thank you.

Wait cant someone not have linode add an ip address that i personaly own with my company name

I wanted to address your question, @Alhasan. As this post mentions, changing the WHOIS data for an IP address isn't an option. I can understand why being able to bring your own IP address would seem like a good solution. At this time, that's not an option either.

We have a post about this about this here if you'd like a bit more information.

I'd recommend anyone interested in these features to submit feedback on our Feedback Form so we can better understand your needs. While we can't promise to make every change that's requested, I can promise that we value this feedback and use it to make decisions about how best to server our customers.


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