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When can I use Byoip on Linode?

When can I use Byoip on Linode?

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Hey @redesigned,

As of right now, we do not support bringing your IP to Linode. That being said, I think this is a great suggestion and have passed along your feedback to our team. This way the relevant teams can keep this in mind as we continue to improve our infrastructure and services.

I do not have a time for when this feature will be implemented, but the feedback provided is invaluable to us and we want to ensure your voice is heard.

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to submit your feedback.

Please note that we do supply additional IPv4 addresses for $2 per month, but are subject to approval based on ARIN's technical guidelines.

You could also obtain a IPv6 address, which are completely free. We can lease a whole /64 to any of your Linodes, and with justification we can provide a /56 as well.

In both cases you'll need to open a Support ticket in order to be leased additional IP addresses.

Thank you both for your answers

I'm also keen for being able to bring my own IPv4 addresses into Linode. Has this option progressed further in your product development timeline?

Any update on this? I have a /48 IPv6 that is unusable, and I don't want to switch to another provider.

I opened a support ticket about this, not knowing this community post exists and I got this in reply.

Hey there,

At this time BYOIP isn't a feature we support; however, this is something that has been on our feature tracker and hopefully happens in time. We have a post about it and some other info on our Community Questions site here;


Additionally, I submitted this again as a feature request to add to the number of folks requesting this is a feature.

Any updates on this matter after 8 months?

No, unfortunately not. At least not that I've heard. I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering finding another VPS host that has all the features I need because the lack of this feature is slowly driving me insane lol.


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