Can't create a mongo replica set with 6 Cores Linodes.

For a series of mongo replica set benchmarks, I have tested clusters of dedicated machines, and shared machines (16, and 8 cores). Worked fine.

However, with a cluster of machines with 6 Cores (shared), mongo fails to connect to the secondary machines. Mongo is just stuck when I do rs.add("mongo-repl-2").

The steps are exactly the same as the ones used in previous setups.

For reference, I am using the guide from linode

All the machines use Centos 8 and Mongodb 4.4 and all have private IPs

I am not sure if this issue is related to mongo not handling this machine size, or a networking issue at the level of linode data center ?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

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It's very likely you're running into this issue because of the diminished resources that come with our 16GB shared plan (6 cores) versus the other plans you mentioned.

With MongoDB Replica sets, you'll want to lean towards a plan with more RAM. We usually recommend our high-memory plans for MongoDB setups, since they have a tendency to be RAM intensive.

You could experiment with our 24GB & 48GB high-memory plans to see if those work for your purposes (I chose the price equivalents to what you stated you already trialed).

You can always resize your plan if you don't feel those resources are necessary. To view all our available plans, you can take a look at our Pricing page for side-by-side comparisons.


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