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I am receiving daily emails from cPanel that my domains are getting close to 100% disk capacity with thousands of files I don't believe are there.

Here is an example:

The user (testuser) has nearly reached their disk quota.

The account currently uses 94.92% (474.6 MB/500 MB) of its disk capacity.

The account currently has 28,876 files.

Remove some files from this account, or increase the account?s disk quota.

I've received similar notifications for other users in the past few days. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this.

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It looks like you may need to adjust your Disk Quota for the accounts in question from within cPanel. The output you shared indicates a very low disk capacity (474.6 MB/500 MB). I was able to find an official guide from cPanel on this subject:

Change Your Account Quotas in cPanel

In regards to the file count associated with the domain, you are always able to check disk space and the file count of a directory from the command-line to confirm those counts.

To view your current disk-availability in a human readable format you can run:

df -h

From the directory associated with your domains files run the below commmand to get a file count:

ls -1 | wc -l

For further reading about disk space and its relationship to cPanel you may want to check out our community post on cPanel insufficient disk space errors. Though you don't seem to be receiving the same error, the answer to this question post includes helpful information on checking your disk space and handling backups and log files.

If anyone else has any experience with disk-quotas in cPanel and have something to add please feel free to share with us here.


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