How do I connect "marketplace wordpress" IP to my domain?


Please, I need help with the marketplace wordpress installer.

How do I connect the wordpress IP to my domain?

Ex.: instead of

Thank you!

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You should just be able to add your Linode’s IP address to your domain.

How to do this will largely depend on who is hosting your domain’s DNS.

If your domain is pointed to Linode and in your Linode Manager, you will need to add an A record for “@“ and “www” with your Linode’s IPv4 address, and an AAAA record for “@“ and “www” with your Linode’s IPv6 address.


I host my DNS in Linode and I have already this 2 records in my panel.

When I install wordpress I can navigate using my IP but when I change the wordpress URL to my domain, is not reachable.

@n0mad if you let us know your domain and IP, we may be able to help a bit more.

@n0mad - I wrote up a post here awhile back on setting up your DNS. I tried to simplify it by pointing to our guides so that it's easy to follow. Check it out, and hopefully it'll help:

How do I configure DNS for my Linode?


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