How to get DNS zone files of my domains

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How to get DNS zone files of my domains

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The best way to retrieve DNS zone files is through the CLI and utilizing the Linode APIv4..

The following command will give a list of the domain IDs:

curl -sH "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" | jq | grep -i 'id\|domain' | grep 1 | awk -F':' '{print $2}' | tr ',' ' '

The following loop can be used to read in all the of domain IDs:

for i in ID1 ID2 IDN; do linode-cli domain records-view $i; done

The above portion can be modified to echo the IDs to a .txt file or really whatever file you'd like.

I would also recommend taking a look at this Community Questions Site post regarding DNS zones: How to retrieve/save all DNS records?


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