How to retrieve/save all DNS records?


Is there any way in admin panel to get all configured DNS records?


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Currently, there is not a way to retrieve or save DNS records in the Cloud Manager. We've received some feedback about this, and I've added this request to our internal feature tracker for future considerations. We are looking for ways to provide this information in the Cloud Manager, though there are no plans for this in the immediate future.

The best way to view DNS records in the Cloud Manager would be by viewing the individual domains by navigating to their record page. This would look something like this:$domainID

You can also view them via the Linode CLI. Once you have it set up, you can view the DNS record with a simple command:

linode-cli domains records-list $domainID

This $domainID would be the same number at the end of the Cloud Manager's URL for the domain.

If you wish to locate this information via the Linode CLI, then you can find the $domainID by running this command:
linode-cli domains list


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