What is the default TTL for DNS records in DNS Manager?

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What is the current default TTL (time to live) value for my domain's records in my Linode DNS Manager?

I recall a recent announcement about a new 1 minute TTL, is this accurate?

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As mentioned in our Troubleshooting DNS Records guide, the default TTL for Linode domain zone files is 24 hours (or 86400 seconds). That being said, you can always adjust a record's TTL value as needed by editing the DNS record in your DNS Manager.

Regarding the announcement that you saw, I believe that you’re referring to the rendering time improvements that we implemented earlier this year. When you add or change DNS zones or records, your changes will now be reflected at our authoritative name servers within 60 seconds (down from 15 minutes). This is a bit different than TTL (which tells other DNS servers how long they should cache specific DNS entries).

Good to know, I appreciate the quick explanation here!


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