Can I Migrate WordPress Website Having 2 WP Installations?


I want to migrate my domain name/WordPress website from another host to Linode but I have 3 separate WordPress installations on 3 separate subdirectories on the same domain name i.e


All of these directories have been created using the WordPress Platform and are hosted by the same local hosting provider. Due to the local hosting provider, my sites are down most of the time especially during the nights so I want to migrate to a better hosting solution and after a lot of some research, I came to know about Linode.

So kindly help me with this issue can I migrate all of these directories without losing any file or any directory?

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You can duplicate your current installation on a Linode. Just make sure your web server & php are set up correctly first. You can migrate your DNS after that.

-- sw

Linode Staff

@Stephen_Hawk I wanted to hop on here and give you a couple of resources that will help you migrate your sites over to Linode.

I hope these are helpful, and let us know if you have questions!


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