Deploying a NextJS app on linode

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Does anybody have any documentation on deploying a NextJS app to a linode?

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Hi there,

That's a great question! Presently I couldn't find any guides on this topic. However, the team of Documentation Experts is already in the loop so hopefully they'll be able to add a guide for this in the future.

In the meantime, you might want to review the following resources I found that may offer some guidance to accomplish this:

Depending on how familiar you are with Linode's services and features you may want to deploy a MEAN or a Secure Your Server Once-Click App from the Linode Marketplace to jumpstart your Next.js app development environment on your Linode.

I hope this helps and good luck deploying your web app on a Linode!


Is there any update on this, has anyone been able to create a bootable solution

Hello. Im currently deploying nextjs app on Linode. I am serving the app with nginx reverse proxy. I follow this guide. :)


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