Is there a plan to provide SSD based Block Storage?

Currently, if one needs larger storage especially for Database Server, one has to keep moving to a larger plan. This is a waste of CPU & Memory. Moreover, the current HDD backed Block Storage doesn't provide enough performance for such an application.

Therefore, wanted to know, if there is a plan to introduce SSD backed Block Storage for such scenarios? I believe all other competitors provide the same.

Thank you.

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Upgrading all Block Storage clusters from spinning drives to NVMe

Crosses fingers

Hopefully the team will advise when clusters have been upgraded. I’d like to move my DBs to block storage to for similar reasons.

Another somewhat related question - what technology is used to connect the volumes to the Linodes? Like Infiniband, iSCSI etc?

In the /dev path on linux, the devices show up as scsi, and require paravirtualization, so I would guess that the block storage connectivity, so far as the virtual host is concerned, is some type of SCSI interface. Since the block storage itself is on a different host than the Linode would be, presumably, that's connected over the network in some fassion, which would be isolated from any access other than the host machines themselves.

For these reasons, most of which I'm considering simply by following what would seem to make the most sense, I imagine that once the block storage is upgraded to NVME on the hosts containing the disks for block storage, performance may not match NVME completely. I imagine it'll be faster than HDD, but how much is impossible to know until it's released.


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