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What about Nextcloud when I rebuild

Hi, everyone,

I had a linode with Nextcloud installed. Everything's OK. I played with that for some hours. Now, I just rebuild my linode and now it's impossible to launch Nextcloud.

What could be the solution to get back a Nextcloud installation in that linode.


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Hi @domcloud - When rebuilding a Linode all of the original info on it is deleted. In order to get Nextcloud running again you'll need to take the same steps you did when getting it running the first time. If you used our Marketplace app then you can use it again:

How to Deploy Nextcloud with Marketplace Apps

If you need to get back the data you had before, we do keep recently deleted disks in some cases after they're removed. There's more info on restoring from a saved image here:


Deploy from a Saved Image


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