Does blocked ports (25, 465, and 587) affect Nextcloud mail ?

I've installed Nextcloud one-click app on a 5$ linode. Everything is working fine except the mail application. Impossible to create a new IMAP/SMTP address, everytime I try I get this error:

Unexpected error during account creation

I've read that Linode is blocking ports 25, 465, and 587 by default. Do I need to unlock these ? Thanks for your time :)

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If Nextcloud (something I know nothing about…so if) is trying to phone home by sending a test email to one of their servers as part of account creation, then yes. IMAP uses ports 143 (cleartext) and 993 (encrypted) so wouldn't be affected by the Linode block. Ditto for POP3 (110 clear and 995 encrypted).

-- sw


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