Static public IP addresses for egress traffic in LKE


I'm running a workload on on LKE which requires static source IP addresses address for egress traffic. However every time I upgrade LKE nodes and restart them they are assigned a new public IP address.

Is there any way to retain static IP addresses for LKE nodes?

Alternatively, is there any way to set up an LKE cluster with nodes only on a private subnet and egress traffic going via e.g. a NAT gateway (with a static IP address)?


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Linode Staff

Hi Scott,

Currently it isn't possible to retain static IP addresses for Nodes after recycling nor do we have native support for LKE nodes on VLANs. With that said, I definitely appreciate the functionality of these features so I've relayed this suggestion to our development team.

Our VLAN product is available in Atlanta, Toronto, Mumbai and Sydney. LKE is not available yet in Atlanta, but if you were to have your LKE cluster in Toronto Mumbai or Sydney, you could in theory place your LKE nodes onto a VLAN that also has a Linode configured as a gateway. Given the ephemeral nature of Kubernetes I don't believe that this method makes sense as it is a lot of work to accomplish without permanence.

While I'm not an expert, and I'm not sure about your specific use-case here, I'm wondering if perhaps as work around you could funnel egress to a Linode external of the cluster that could then act as a proxy. This external Linode could then forward the traffic from a static IP address providing the static source IP you are looking for.

If you'd care to elaborate further on your use case our community might have better suggestions for alternatives.

All the best,
-- BD.


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