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Is there a detailed list of components for each Marketplace bundle?


I think the subject line says it all: Essentially, as I browse the Marketplace, I want more than just a name and summary.

Is there a way to, for example with a Debian distribution, see what .debs are installed with a Marketplace bundle? And, if necessary, how many NON-Debian packages -- tarballs, etc.

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I found a way to view the StackScript that runs when the Marketplace App runs. It's not exactly straightforward, though I think the steps are easy enough to follow:

First, start at the list of Marketplace Apps on our website: Browse One-Click App Marketplace. From here, locate and click on the Marketplace App you're interested in learning the script. For the sake of an example, I'm going to use the NextCloud App since it's one that I've deployed and use regularly.

From the NextCloud Marketplace App page, there's an option to Deploy This App. Hover over it and you'll see the URL lists a One-Click&appID=. In this case, that ID is 632758. You can also right-click/option-click and use your browser's "Copy Link Address" option for this button. I then pasted that into a text editor and selected just the ID number on my clipboard.

Now, log into the Cloud Manager. In the Cloud Manager, you can put this ID at the end of the following URL to view the StackScript. Remember to replace $IDNUMBER with the number you just got.


Again, for our example, the URL for NextCould would be:


Something to be aware of is to check the Last revision date. We routinely update our Marketplace Apps to ensure they're installing the latest updates. That means that what you deployed last month might not be the same thing you're deploying today.

Additionally, if you deploy a Marketplace App, you can see the scripts that are being used by logging into your server while it is installing and looking in the /root directory. There will be a main file called StackScript. Additionally there may be any number of files beginning with ssinclude- which are used by the main script.

As the scripts are deleted once the installation is complete, you may want to make backup copies for later reference:

mkdir -p /root/stackscripts
cp /root/ssinclude-* /root/StackScript /root/stackscripts/


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