Linode VLAN support on EU zone, also IPv6 routing

I'm wondering when Linode plans to support VLANs on the EU zone.
I'm using intensively this product for my deployment, but I'm on Spain and the latencies to Canada are huge.

Also I'm wondering when IPv6 routing is expected. On my deployments, the first step (and the machine connecting VLANs) is a Mikrotik CHR virtual router, so I'm interested in having my own IPv6 ranges routed by this Mikrotik. At the moment I think this is not supported.


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I can't seem to find the exact date this went live, but we VLANs are now available in Frankfurt, London, and Paris, so hopefully you've noticed that change and already have that set-up in your preferred data center.

If not and you're interested, we have a few guides to help you get started.

I believe that IPv6 routing has been available for a few years in all Data Centers. Anyone looking to add an IPv6 Routed Range can add one from Cloud Manager. If you run into trouble, you can open a Support Ticket and we can look into for you. It's possible that if you have a very old Linode, that IPv6 may need to enabled manually or that you've hit a limit for the amount ranges you can add.


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