VPC or virtual private cloud?

Do you have something similar to Amazon AWS VPC where you can create a private interface? I have created a Pfsense but when I added a private address to it, my pfsense doesn't detect any Lan interface. I have WAN interface but no LAN interface.

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Linode offers a VLAN service that can be used as a VPC. Linode VLANs are free to use with your Linodes and are available in multiple data centers across the world. In addition to security and isolating your resources, private network transfer is free. This means that communication over a VLAN does not count against a Linode’s monthly network transfer quota.

VLANs provide network separation, which enables us to host sensitive information in a secure space, but this requires some additional planning and consideration. Check out our blog post for more information about how VLANs can be used as a VPC:

Go Private with VLANs and VPCs

We also have a video that explains how to set up a VLAN as a VPC:

Using Linode VLAN as a VPC: Isolate and Protect Your Infrastructure

Can we use VLANs with LKE? Are individual LKE clusters, perhaps, implicitly part of their own VLAN?

Basically, I want to ensure that any LKE clusters we create are isolated by default, only exposing the whatever services we put behind a load balancer (and the control plane API, obviously).


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