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Why RAM usage is not displayed in the analytics dashboard?

Well, Id like to monitor RAM usage as well, so I was wondering why its not available?

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Hey @storior!
Like we mentioned in this previous post, metrics such as current RAM or disk space usage would require internal access to your Linode that the Cloud Manager does not have.

I suggest looking into Linode Longivew for additional metrics such as RAM usage. It's pretty simple to install and can even be configured to monitor Nginx, Apache, and MySQL.

Although I don't know for sure, RAM usage is very dynamic (and it's coupled with swap usage)…making the value displayed on a website not very useful.

The top utility comes with Linux. It will give you a much more comprehensive display of RAM usage that updates much more quickly.

The htop utility (the one I like) is also available and will give you much more information. What you see is very customizable. You have to install htop.

Check them out…

-- sw


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