Memory allocation graph in the Dashboard

The dashboards sports 4 diagrams for resource allocation:

  • CPU
  • Disk
  • Network ipV4
  • Network ipV6

Why there's no diagram for memory allocation? It's quite an important aspect to monitor in my view. Or maybe it's somewhere else?

I am aware of the various tools available on the OS, so please avoid suggestions regarding those. My question is specifically related to the Linode Dashboard at

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The graphs available on the Cloud Manager dashboard are those that the host is able to monitor without having internal access to your OS. Metrics such as current RAM or disk space usage (opposed to allocation) would require access that the Cloud Manager does not have.

You mentioned being aware of the tools available in the OS, but I specifically wanted to mention that our Longview client was built for folks who want to be able to view that sort of information within the Cloud Manager:

The free version is pretty useful, and can be installed by copy/pasting the one-liner that Cloud generates for you. After a few minutes you'll be able to see your Linode's RAM usage populating in the Longview tab of Cloud Manager.

Thank you for the clarification. I will probably check out a few tools then, but I will keep Longview into consideration.


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