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When I previously asked Linode's support team about some questions, they Live migrated the server.

If possible, I would like to make sure that if I need to do a live migration of a server, it is not done without my permission.
Is it possible to configure the Linode server to prevent live migration of the server without permission?


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Live Migrations are a part of working in a virtualized environment and have been an immense benefit to keeping customers online when something starts to go wrong with the underlying hardware. You can learn more about the integral role they play in our recent blog post about them:

Live Migrations at Linode

At this time, we do not offer customers the ability to prevent live migrations from occurring. We can prevent Live Migrations, though we try to reserve that for extreme cases. That said, we have passed along your question as feedback for consideration in future development. We haven't received many requests to opt-out of live migrations like this, so it would be helpful to know why you would like this option. What about the Live Migration that you received was a problem? Were there issues with your Linode after the Live Migration completed?

Live Migrations can cause real-time system problems.
During Live Migrations you will pause the source and destination vps.
The customer suddenly becomes unable to use it while it is in use, thinking that there is something wrong with our system.

In addition, if the pause is too long, our system will judge it to have timed out, and it will also be mistakenly judged as a system disconnection, which will cause problems for some important and immediate processing (for example, when the game determines the winner or loser and needs to be written to the DB, the game should only wait at this time. A few seconds, and your pause does not know how long it will last).


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