What is the best way to handle an ownership change for my account or services?

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If my business is purchased by another company, how should I handle changing ownership of my account?

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There are a couple of options for an account in this situation. I'll cover them below in what I think involves the least amount of effort to what I think would be the highest effort.

If it's just a change of ownership, that can be done by updating the account information. This would include the contact info, billing address and names of people responsible for the account. For auditing of work done and by whom on the account, I would also suggest adding users that belong to the old owners and removing users of the company that is being purchased, should people be leaving.

If the situation is that the old company will be retaining its Linode account, then changing account information wouldn't work. Instead, you would want to transfer services between accounts. Not all services can be self-transferred, though opening a ticket with Support for assistance if there's more than just Linodes that require transfers. An important caveat to remember when transferring services away from an account:

If no Linodes remain on your account, any Domain you have on your account will no longer be served.

Because this will include two accounts, we'll need a ticket from both accounts. In those tickets, we ask for:

On the account with the services to be transferred, please include the following:

  • Which Linode you'd like to transfer
  • Account that you'd like to transfer it to
  • Confirmation to transfer the Backup Service along with any available backups. The Backup Service is connected to the Linode, so changing ownership of the Linode will also change ownership of the Backup Service.
  • The ticket number (#xxxxxxxxx) of the receiving account's request if you can

Then on the receiving account open a ticket stating the following:

  • Acceptance of the transfer
  • Service's name and the sending account's name in the original ticket
  • The ticket number (#xxxxxxxxx) of the original request if you can
  • Acceptance of the paid Backup Service


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