How can I transfer a Linode from one account to another account?

Avatar Linode 5 months, 3 weeks ago

I need to transfer the ownership of a Linode from one account to another account. What needs to be done in order to accomplish this?

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To transfer a Linode from one account to another, you need to open support tickets from both accounts that are involved in the transfer.

On the support ticket from the account sending the Linode, simply state the following or something very similar:

"I would like to transfer the Linode (please include Linode ID) to the account (receiving account)."

Then, on the account that the Linode is being transferred to, open a support ticket and state the following.

"I would like to receive the transfer of (Linode ID) from (sending account)"

Once Linode support has both of these tickets then they can transfer the Linode.

Please be aware that Linodes transferred into Managed services accounts will be responsible for the additional $100/Linode/month and Linodes transferred out of Managed Services will lose their cPanel License. Their Backups and LongView Pro will also become paid services.

Make sure you specify if you want attached services sent as well, such as Backups, NodeBalancers, or LongView clients. Orphaned add-ons will be lost. Don't forget to transfer any needed DNS Domain Zones.

Both tickets should name exactly the same items.


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