K8S and ingress with a firewall

I want to play with k8s and lock it down so only my home ip can do this: My goal is a selenium grid (4) running on k8s that I can fire up on demand.

I can create the cluster and add a firewall via terraform in about 3 minutes.

My issue is adding an nginx-ingress to the firewall.
I also will need to add in the ingress stuff as it seems the firewall is blocking the private networking stuff.

How do I specify the external-ip in the firewall so I can reach it?
Also does the firewall scale up/down the targets if the nodes are set to scale?

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If you are using a NodeBalancer for loadbalancing, you would not be able to add a firewall/Cloud Firewall.

A possible way around this would a combination of using NodePorts and your own loadbalancing solution.


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