How do I stop from paying money for the server without deleting it.

I pay $30/month for a server. But, every time I don't use the server I delete it and make another one when I do need it since I usually don't have anything important in the servers. But in my current server I have something important and I was wondering if there is a way to stop paying for the server without deleting it.

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As an infrastructure provider, we invoice for resources we've reserved for you. You'll need to remove the service from your account to stop billing.

Options available to you include Download Files from Your Linode and store it either on your local machine or another device or storage service. Here's a great post on how to do this in a way that also tests to make sure it'll work for you in the future:

What is a good way to delete my Linode so I don't get charged, but still save my Linode's configuration and data? | Linode Questions

Depending on the size of the Linode - meaning the storage that is being used - you might be able to get by with using Images. You can create the Image that you store much like the steps above, though this would save it in a way that can help with future deployment. We do invoice for Images, though the cost is much less than that of a full Linode.


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