Bare metal and nested virtualisation

For a while now, I've been looking at the Linode website, which listed a Bare Metal product that leads you to contact sales. The whole Bare Metal product seems to have been removed from the website and replaced with EdgeWorkers.

I've done some searching and found these two threads:


Now that Bare Metal is no longer an option, would nested virtualisation be considered for the Dedicated CPU plans? Suppose you are paying for a dedicated CPU. In that case, the extra performance hit shouldn't be a worry for Linode, and the people who want nested virtualisation already understand that it comes with a performance hit.


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I can see this being useful. I myself have done something similar using VMWare, the performance hit wasn't too bad for me. And, it has the advantage of allowing one to choose their own configuration for KVM, or other virtualization platform someone might be using. It's an option I could definitely use if I needed to test a disk image or otherwise.


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